Jul 30, 2012

Netflix vs Blockbuster DVD by Mail Service

Once upon a time, I was a happy Netflix subscriber. We had Netflix on our Wii, our I-devices... and we received the discs by mail. Then came the debacle of the breaking apart the streaming from the mail thing and two different bills we would have to pay.. and I would have to set up a new account with the newer company Qwikster.. Whatever it was, it didn't fly.

It didn't fly with Netflix either it turns out. But too late, because they already lost a lot of customers. Like us.
We high-tailed it over to Blockbuster. YUP .. we could go to the store, and get TWO discs by mail gosh darn it! Two discs at a time and only for a dollar more! Fantastico!

Turns out, the discs were cracked or scratched half the time. Then, the local Blockbuster closed. So we had to go further out to get to the next blockbuster store. Not a big deal, cuz we could just change in our mailed discs and trade it for almost anything in the store. Not too bad.

But, when the local store HAS NOTHING new available.. for six months straight.. not so great. And we didn't have the Blockbuster On Demand option for the computer because that would cost even more than the $16/month, so that was not a perk for us.

And the Queue for the mailed discs was ridiculous because everything we wanted was VERY LONG WAIT.

So if we were lucky to get off the VERY Long Wait mode, and move onwards to Long Wait, then Short Wait, and then we actually got the freaking disc many moons later... it was cracked and unplayable.



Back to Netflix we go. It's back to streaming on our i-devices, and on our Wii, and my queue was even saved from last year. Easy squeezy.

The only issue is that it took a few weeks to get the settings right in the PS3/Playstation. There is a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo with the software that the option of simply downloading and signing in does not work. (Netflix Help is not actually Help.)
But my husband worked on it for a few weeks, (not kidding), and eventually he got it working.

I am glad Netflix decided to stay the way it was, and sad I jumped ship too soon, but glad I got to see that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Netflix is the way to go. Instant queue now has the "Kids" option also, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Thanks, Netflix.

(*This post was created purely as a Public Service Announcement, for the benefit of my readers. No compensation or pat on the back is expected.)


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