Aug 31, 2012

CoverGirl + Olay Tone Rehab Foundation

CoverGirl 2+1 Foundation Review
CoverGirl & Olay products are a permanent fixture in my home. Some are not always totally fantastic, but they are worth the price for the most part. I would love to have the cash to spend on the expensive stuff from Clinique and Estee Lauder, but that is not always possible. This foundation costs about $14 in my area which does seem a little on the pricey side considering it is CoverGirl.

The newer foundation for CoverGirl and Olay features the Tone Rehab 2+1 product which touts the fine line diminishing/hiding feature as well as evening out skin tone. I certainly have fine lines, and some not so fine lines. I don't really notice a huge difference as far as coverage in that department, so don't buy this for that feature.

BUT.. if you have slightly dry skin, this is a great foundation that help hydrates your skin, and it really blends well for easy application. It is not cakey, and it doesn't make you feel like you are wearing a mask. It is lightweight and softly covers small flaws such as freckles or slight discoloration.

This foundation is indeed luminous =) It gets a little shiny after lunch time, but a little bit of powder touches it up nicely. I was sent the Buff Beige color and I would typically buy the Fair/Light shades so I was skeptical. I was very pleasantly surprised that it looks great still with my skin tone. I don't normally wear liquid foundation as I prefer the mineral powder, such L'Oreal or purMineral. I hate how liquid foundation tends to get cakey and doesn't blend well, but I didn't have that problem at ALL with this one.

My skin is pretty normal, and as I am in my late 30's I have some wrinkles and fine lines. I do not have acne or scarring to cover, I would just need a clean and flawless finish, and this foundation does well in that department. Four stars for smooth coverage, for pretty decent staying power. Minus the fifth star for the shiny effects after a few hours, and the heavier price. Foundation gets an A from me, but gets a C in value considering the cost of the foundation and the features it is being marketed for.

I was offered this product for free via BzzAgent in exchange for a review. I was also sent a pressed powder to go along with this but it was smashed to bits in transportation and had to be trashed before powder got all over my clothes and everything else.

Try out BzzAgent for yourself! I'm proud to be a BzzAgent and so thrilled I received samples and coupons in exchange for my opinion!


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