Oct 1, 2012

Hidden Valley Ranch.. yummmm!

Thank you to BzzAgent for sending me a free bottle of salad dressing and seasoning packets!

Before moving to Texas I had no idea about how much Southerners love to ranchify! It wasn't until recently that I was hooked, using ranch instead of ketchup for french fries, and my kid loves the ranch with his nuggets.

I tested the McD's ranch versus Hidden Valley with my family, and Hidden Valley won hands down! I really believe that Hidden Valley makes the best ranch dressing out there.

I made the Original Broiled Chicken recipe last night, and it was awesome. I loved it, it was fast and simple yet so tasteful. I had never bought the seasoning packets before, but after using the packet in the recipe I will definitely buy more so I can experiment with more recipes.

As far as the bottled dressing goes, I definitely would recommend the Light dressing to save on calories, as it is still great on taste!

Try the very easy Original Ranch Broiled chicken recipe found here, it was fantastic! I served it over herb and butter rice with mashed potatoes and biscuits. There are other recipes on the Hidden Valley website that I cannot wait to try, Ranch Baked Quesadillas sounding like a perfect snack for a football game!


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