Aug 11, 2015

Living Proof: Online Exclusive: Try 5 New Products for Free! (Plus Free Shipping)

A quick note to let you know of the current promotion my new favorite haircare line is offering.

When I made my purchase a few weeks ago, I bought the PHD Shampoo along with Full Conditioner, the satin serum and the 5-in-1 styling treatment.

I received samples with that order, and so far I have used the Instant Restore Repair which I LOVE for use on the day I am skipping a shampoo day (I try to shampoo/condition every other day so my color lasts a little longer on my hair).

I love the entire line so far of everything I've mentioned, and I've gotten compliments at work as they recognize that something is different. I highly recomment this line, and the samples are a fantastic way to try something new and find a new beauty best friend, such as I have with the Instant Restore Repair. I also love the fresh clean scent of the product!

The shipping is very prompt as well which is another plus for the company.

Yes, it's pricey.. but you're worth it.


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